Cleary University switches to remote learning after exposure at off-campus party

School officials at Cleary University are switching gears at their Livingston County campus to remote-only classes for the remainder of the semester amid the COVID-19 pandemic

"We were scheduled to go remote on November 24th and we thought it was much safer to go to the remote location sooner and reduce activities on the campus just to mitigate that risk and slow the spread," said Emily Barnes, interim president and provost. 

The move came after some students attended an off-campus party. A student athlete and another student to test positive for the virus.

"Recently there was a situation off-campus where someone who had COVID was not aware of it at the time, attended the event, came back to campus and that point had exposed multiple parties," said Barnes. 

The university put students living on campus in quarantine as they wrap up the semester and before leaving for the Thanksgiving holiday.

"Give students time, too to quarantine, monitor symptoms as they need to prior to going home and being around grandma and grandpa for the holiday."

"I live in Ohio going home for Thanksgiving it makes me feel better that we took precautions now, that I still have two weeks to stay healthy before I go home to my family," said senior Sydney Dickerson.

But for now, these students are focusing on their online learning.

"It was pretty successful first day back on remote learning," Dickerson added. 

Now the university is working with county officials to monitor and keep the campus community safe.

"It’s hard to tell exactly the stretch as far as how many cases could occur from this event or how far the spread is, but we just wanted to make sure we got in front of it," said Barnes.