Clinton Twp family loses everything in fire

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A Clinton township family loses everything in a devastating fire. The neighbors are now stepping up to help.

"I'm kind of in shock," said April Goodson. "I'm not really dealing with it yet. We have nothing,” said April Goodson

It's been the worst year for Goodson. The father of her four children died, then their dog, and now this.

"I need clothes for my kids, shoes, just basic stuff," said Goodson. "Anything to make it, because we have nothing."

Chiquita Delridge rescued April, who was taking a nap around ten in the morning when the fire started.

"I started hollering and waking up everybody to see if there was anybody else in the house," said Delridge. "In a world like this, we have to look out for one another."

Dozens of other neighbors dropped everything to help.

"I feel for her and her children,"  said Joyce Hernandez, a neighbor. "She's doing the best she can working, providing for them, and then this happens."

"They deserve some help - good family, single mom doing the best she can,” said Brenda Fountain, a neighbor.

The fire may have been caused by an electrical issue. Clinton township firefighters are still pinpointing the exact cause and offering extra help to the family, who didn't have insurance.

“We've reached out to Meijer’s, they offered a $200 gift card, and we also reached out to the Concorde Inn here in Clinton Township, to local businesses that support our community, and they're going to give them a two night stay,” said Ronald Young of the Clinton Township Fire Department.

Neighbors say there's something to the name Harmony Street, where they live.

"When something like this happens it pulls people together,"  said Delridge. "When something hurts and harms one another, you'll see God. It'll pull us altogether."

"One stress after another stress just never ends for her,"  says Delridge. "I feel for her. I've been encountered this myself with my family."

“I'm just worried about my kids having stuff. That's it. We'll make everything else work,” said Goodson.

If you want to help out the family, CLICK HERE  for the link to the GoFundMe account.