Clinton Twp. medical marijuana facility proposal stirs controversy

There's a budding controversy in Clinton Township over a potential new ordinance that clears the way for medical marijuana facilities.

The draft of the ordinance is just that - a draft. The Clinton Township planning director says he has been talking about this for the last year but he does understand why a lot of parents are now up in arms about it. 

Some are saying the location makes a medical pot problem.

"Not happy about it. It's kind of close to the school and I want my children to be protected," said parent Andrea Soviar.

Fraser public schools superintendent sent out a map showing possible rezoning to allow medical marijuana facilities in certain areas. One proposed rezoning area is by 15 Mile, Kelly and Groesbeck - within the Fraser school district limits and bordering Salk Elementary School.

"You teach your children never to do and take marijuana and it's just too close to the schools," Soviar said.

Disney Elementary is about a half mile away. The possible rezoning area is about a mile from Fraser High. 

According to the superintendents note the proposal would still keep the facilities 400 feet from schools, playgrounds, and childcare facilities.

"I don't think their location is going to influence whether or not children are influenced," said Fraser resident Jacquelyn Lennemann.

"It's going to be medical, right? For medical use? That's fine with me," said Fraser resident Robert Steward. "

The planning commission is expected to discuss a draft Thursday night, then the proposal could make it to the board, who would have the final say.