Clinton Twp. program would pay for permits to let veterans fly flags for free

Jeff Sellers has a new flagpole in his front yard. The Navy veteran and his wife had been wanting one for a while. Their Clinton Township home is already full of flags, even the Old English D on the back window of his pick-up truck is red, white and blue.

"I just wanted to fly it proudly for not just for my husband but all veterans," said his wife.

Jeff's wife, Suzie, went on the Clinton Township Facebook group to find out and learned they needed to purchase a permit from the township and that it was pretty pricey at $100.

"We were actually going to take it back but then mike got with us and now there it is," Jeff said.

Mike Keys is a newly elected Clinton Township trustee, who saw the Sellers' posts and wanted to make things easier. His own brother,  Marcus, recently enlisted in the Marines and his own parents purchased $100 and put up a flagpole.

But mike was so concerned about the high price he convinced the township to drop it to $50 in the future but for veterans, he wants that permit to be free.

"We sat down with the building department and we're looking at a way to offer veterans an easier way to get this permit," he said. "We'd like to offer to businesses and residences an opportunity to donate and get this permit paid for for the veterans."

Jeff's is the first flagpole that's part of the new program. It's still in the works but seems to have a lot of support.

Suzie sayus she's excited and hopeful that the project gets off the ground so veterans can fly the flag without worrying about that extra money that some don't have. 

"I love the way it looks - it looks great," Jeff said.