Clinton Twp woman charged with killing father of her child claims self-defense

A Clinton Township woman who was charged Wednesday with the weekend murder of her child's father says she acted in self-defense when she shot him to death. Prosecutors, however, say the evidence says otherwise.

Katryce Curd stood silent Wednesday as she was charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter. According to police, Curd shot and killed Ron Brazier at his apartment complex where she also lives. Police said it happened at the apartments near 16 Mile and Harper on Sunday. 

According to Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith, this was a domestic violence situation that spiraled out of control. Fortunately, he says, the child was not present when Brazier was killed.

"Here we go again in Macomb County - we have another domestic violence homicide. Unfortunately, we are in the double digits in just the last few months," Smith said Wednesday. "The child they had in common was with an aunt and these two were getting ready to go out on a date together and an argument ensued."

According to Smith, the argument led to the gun being pulled and Curd shooting him in the stomach. She said it was self-defense and she was examined for bruises. 

"We were unable to find any bruises, any sort of injuries at all to her. After the description of the beating that she took, there should be some sort of marks left," Smith said.

Curd was ordered held on a $250,000 cash/surety bond, which her defense attorney is trying to get lowered.

"I'm sure she's very upset. This was a relationship she's had for 10 years, it was a very abusive relationship and, allegedly, and without a doubt, the deceased brought a gun into the home and I'll let the rest play out in court," her attorney said.

Curd is pleading not guilty to the charges. She does not have another court date set.