Clintondale keeps superintendent amid swirling spending questions

The Clintondale school board voted to keep its embattled Superintendent Rodriguez Broadnax who is being accused of misusing taxpayer money.

A dispute is about an April National School Board Conference in San Diego where about $1,500 was allocated for "personal incidentals."

"You stole money from the school district, bought alcohol, put it on the school credit card, and took money from our children," said Mark Titus, the school board VP, during Monday's school board meeting. "Shame on you for doing that."

Broadnax denied the claim.

"For the record, the superintendent does not drink," he said - about himself.

"Why was a $9 drink put on your bill for your rooms?" Titus said.

"I had a Sprite off the bar, that's what I had," Broadnax said.

"No, I'll show you a receipt with a $9 drink to your room," Titus said.

"I drink. I'll let everybody know that. Double Tito's in cranberry," said Jim Potter, a school board trustee.

"There's nothing on mine, you can show anything you want," said Beverly Lewis-Moss, school board president.

The allegations kept coming at the contentious meeting.

"This is Mr. Broadnax," Titus said. "A $9 drink. This is your room."

"Sprite," Broadnax responded.

A search warrant was delivered to the Clintondale Community School District by Clinton Township police requesting various financial records from June 1st through the present.  

No court action has yet been taken. But there was more criticism about Superintendent Broadnax's qualifications for the job that he's had for a year.  

But in a statement by the Board’s president, Lewis-Moss, she said: "We saw great progress under his leadership during his first year with the district ... Such progress is why the Board decided to extend his contract."

The majority of the board agreed with Moss, which voted to keep him aboard.

The investigation into the district's overall finances are ongoing.

"On the matter involving the review of the district’s expenses, we cannot provide any information until the review has been completed," she said.

Clintondale Schools Superintendent Rodriguez Broadnax.

Clintondale Schools Superintendent Rodriguez Broadnax.