Clothes left in shuttered dry cleaners after owner dies

When you take your clothes to the cleaners you expect to get them back in a matter of days.

But customers of a Detroit business have been waiting months to get their clothing back. The cleaners closed up shop and everyone's clothing was left locked inside.

Carmen Maury's been trying since May to get her clothes from the 7 Star Dry Cleaners on Warren on the city's east side.

She has her ticket but the problem is the place is locked up tight - and so are a lot of people's clothes.

"There's a wedding dress, she had her dress cleaned for her daughter's wedding," said Carmen Maury. "The other gentlemen has $1,600 of clothes. Yes, people have a lot of clothing in there."

"I have a white suit, a black winter coat and some other shirts and other stuff in there," said customer Michael Stitt. "That I want to get out."

Graffiti has been painted on the building and the city has issued blight tickets. Stories have been circulating - but  no one knows what happened to the owner - a man they all liked and respected.

It turns out the rumors are true that sadly 65-year-old Jae Man Moon passed away in June.

"I just want the family members to re-open it and let us get our clothes out of there," Stitt said. "If they're not going to reopen it."

FOX 2 caught up with Moon's daughter, Soo Karber who says they are still in mourning and trying to figure out exactly what to do next. She hopes to have a plan within the next couple of weeks.

"What we probably will plan on doing is maybe put out a note that we plan on being here this day." she said. "This will be our one last chance to do it and then be done with it."