Collin Rose Memorial Foundation exceeds charity goal for fallen Detroit officer in two days

"It just tears us up because we know what they're going through and our hearts go out to them," said Randy Rose.

Randy, the father of Collin Rose who was killed in the line of duty working as Wayne State Police sergeant, offered their support to the family of 46-year-old fallen Detroit police officer Rasheen McClain.

"It's horrible. It's heart-wrenching," he added. "It leaves a tremendous hole in your heart."

McClain, a 16-year veteran of the force was killed when a 28-year-old with a high-powered rifle shot him in the neck and his partner in the leg. They had confronted the suspect after he broke into a home on the city's west side. 

"Absolutely a hero and a leader I might say. He was a very productive officer in trying to keep the 12th Precinct safe," said Police Chief James Craig during a press conference earlier this week.

This week is a hard one for the Rose family as well. Saturday marks the three-year anniversary of when Collin killed by 63-year-old Raymond Durham. Charged with his murder not found not competent to stand trial, Durham has stayed in a psychiatric facility where he's been treated for schizophrenia and other mental issues. While a judge has denied a petition to discharge him on Friday, Randy said his family still feels paralyzed by the incident.

"It's three years to the day today when Collin was actually shot. And we're honestly nowhere closer to getting to a courtroom today than we were three years ago," he said.

Since that day, the Rose family has set up the Collin Rose Memorial Foundation, which supports families of officers killed in the line of the duty. 

"When an officer falls we reach out to every surviving family member and offer our condolences. Whenever we can, we offer part of that being financial support," said Chris Powell, President of the foundation.

Their newest charitable objective is to raise funds for McClain's family until his funeral. Their financial goal was almost doubled in two days.

"That's really rewarding to know that the public cares. Even though it's been three years since Collin's passing, that they're there to help us prop up his widow," said Powell.