Comey Senate hearings concern metro Detroiters

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It's the first time we've heard from former FBI director James Comey since he was fired by President Donald Trump last month.

While his testimony didn't reveal a "smoking gun" it's clear this investigation is far from over. Politicians and the public are split about what James Comey's testimony means for the White House.

"It's making history," said one person.

It's not often you have an ex-FBI director testifying about his perceptions of a president.

"I'm watching it closely to see what Comey has to say," said another person.

Dominating the headlines, and on many laptops Thursday afternoon,  former FBI director James Comey was questioning his firing in front of a Senate committee.

"The administration then chose to defame me and more importantly, the FBI," Comey testified.

"He's a very smart man, very sharp guy, hard-working, high-integrity individual," said Dan Roberts, a former assistant director of the FBI.

And that's by someone who worked with Mr. Comey.

"But then the explanations, the shifting explanations confused me and increasingly concerned me," Comey said.

Confusing, but Comey testified that he took a lot of notes after Trump meetings.

"Making notes about important meeting is part of the culture of the FBI, we did it all the time," Roberts said.

"I think the FBI does have to function independently," said Christina Healy

"From all I can see, Comey is telling the truth and Trump is lying," said Roger Jablowski. "From his history."

"It's always concerning as a citizen to see all this discrepancy in the national government," said Leah Warren.

FOX 2: "Do you think a president can influence an FBI investigation?"

"No, even though he fired director Comey, the investigations will continue, no matter who the director is," said Roberts.

And what continued after the public hearing- a closed door session, more testimony, more concerning for some.

"I think we should be working together," said Kelly MacCarroll. "The fact that there's a divide between the president and the FBI is rather concerning."