Commission: Judge Lisa Gorcyca guilty of misconduct

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The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission released its findings Friday that Oakland County Judge Lisa Gorcyca is guilty of misconduct in the Tsimhoni custody case.

The Commission released its report Friday citing that Gorcyca failed to establish, maintain, enforce and personally observe high standards of conduct in relation to the case.

The case drew international attention when Gorcyca remanded the Tsimhoni children to Children's Village for refusing to spend time with their father. The children were ages 9, 10 and 13 at that time. 

When remanding the children, Gorcyca said statements to Tsimhoni children like, “you’re supposed to have a high IQ, l which I am doubting right now." One of the issues raised was whether Judge Gorcyca was engaged in a civil or criminal contempt hearing with the children.

It is now up to the Michigan Supreme Court to accept the commission's findings and decide on any discipline or to reject the findings. 

A hearing is set for September. 

Findings from the Commission's report were used in this article

Findings on Judge Lisa Gorcyca by David Komer