Community comes together to help seniors after complex fire

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A barbecue grill sparks an accidental fire forcing dozens of people out of a senior apartment building in Pontiac. Many lost everything.

Almost as quickly as a fire in Pontiac made 40 senior citizens homeless, an effort was underway to help those people recover what was lost.

Even William Cyprian, a local musician and Pontiac born and bred, was pleasantly surprised at the response from the community.

"We got enough musicians to help get money for these seniors," he said.  "We going to get together and make things happen. I didn't expect to partner with the mayor and the city and have all the musicians from Pontiac and the Detroit area, reach out say what can I do."

Within a matter of days he had amassed a fundraiser set to take place this Saturday outside the senior center at the corner of Bagley and Orchard Lake

"Bands singers live entertainment for the kids everything is still pouring in," he said.

The fire thankfully didn't take any lives but it surely altered and changed many of them. Those who aren't staying with family are being put up in local hotels temporarily and the money raised through Saturday's fundraiser could go a long way to helping them find a permanent solution.

"Every proceed that is donated is going to the seniors," Cyprian said. "In order to get in just give what you can."

If you want to help but can't make it to the event, you can drop off donations at the lighthouse of Oakland County on Woodward,46156 Woodward Ave. or the Ruth Peterson Community Center, 990 Joslyn Ave. in Pontiac.

Lighthouse of Oakland County is facilitating all other monetary donations for the seniors. Donations can be made online HERE or through a mailed check sent to P.O Box 430508, Pontiac, 48342. All checks must include a note that the funds are meant for the West Manor seniors.