Community helps 90-year-old woman living without heat

A new boiler and water heater came Thursday for a 90-year-old woman has been living with no heat and no water since earlier this year.

"Oh some miracle, how things change," said Laura McCrory.

When FOX 2 first reported Laura was using her stove to heat her eastside home, viewers, organizations and companies immediately stepped up to help.

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Thaw, the heat and warmth fund, contacted Cregger Plumbing and Sewer who happily agreed to install a new boiler and hot water heater, free of charge.

"It puts it in perspective just how lucky and how fortunate many of us are but it also reminds you very quickly how other people have a very difficult time and we should be taking care of them as best we can," said Derek Mackie.

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She says the first thing she's going to do is a take a hot shower. Viewers who saw the stories about Laura sent her blankets and other things to keep her warm, like a heated foot massager.

"Oh I'm so glad. I'm very thankful and I thank everyone who helped," Laura said. "I'm truly blessed, I didn't know people could be so nice."