Community rallies for 14-year-old battling stage 4 cancer

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A teenage girl faces the fight of her young life.

A 14-year-old girl was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. This weekend her friends and family are supporting her in a big way and you can help.

Despite the rare diagnosis, Ciera Williams and her family at Detroit Children's Hospital of Michigan are staying strong, determined and positive.

In a family video she talked about the hardest thing she has dealt with, since being diagnosed in July.

"Losing my hair and going through treatment, like the after-feeling," she said.

The diagnosis was crushing.

"How, why," said Sophia Williams, her mother. "Cancer as far as we know, does not run in our family. We both had a sibling with lymphoma cancer but nothing about ovarian cancer. It was definitely a shock."

"It was very shocking," said Velton Williams, her father.

Ciera should have started her freshman year of high school at L' Anse Creuse, but with a lowered immune system she could not attend.

A teacher visits her Chesterfield Township home for classroom lessons. Every three weeks mom, dad and Ciera stay at Children's Hospital for four days of treatment and chemotherapy. It's very draining.

"As long as my daughter is doing okay, the family is doing okay," Velton Williams said. "We live day to day on how she is feeling. She's feeling okay, than we're feeling okay."

Mom and Dad have lost a ton of work hours, meaning very little or no pay. Ciera is one of six siblings ages 2 through 16.

They have insurance but it's maxed out. There's a GoFundMe page titled Ciera's Fight.

Family and friends are hosting a fundraiser Sunday.  Detroit Police Chief James Craig heard about Ciera and he paid her a visit and promised a police escort for Sunday's 3 p.m. motorcade fundraiser made up of motorcycles, bicycles and cars.

It will be hosted by Redeem Detroit, 8030 E. Outer Drive. For more information CLICK HERE.

"Detroit police are participating and they are going to light the event up," said Ramon Burnham, a family friend. "They will be running the lights as we ride along Gratiot, Woodward and the boulevard in the city."

"The family needs a lot of funds, they are spending a lot of time at the hospital caring for Ciera," said Brenda Hill, a family friend.

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