Community rallies for 2 Detroit police officers shot in the line of duty

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It has been eight months since two Detroit police officers were shot in the line of duty.

Now money is being raised to help both men on the road to recovery after being shot by a man who is charged with killing another officer. The murdered officer, Wayne State Sgt. Collin Rose by the same alleged shooter, Raymond Durham.

Durham is charged with first degree murder for allegedly shooting and killing Rose. Police say Durham would fire on officers again, this time wounding officers Benjamin Atkinson and James Kisselburg who were responding to a call.

"Something we'll never forget," said Atkinson.

Police say Durham was in the street and the officers brought him in front of their squad car. Before they knew it - Durham was firing at them. Kisselburg was down, hit twice in the upper body.

He's gone from paralyzed to up and walking - but the injuries were severe.

"I have 20 years in the job, I've had plenty of guns pointed at me," Kisselburg said. "The circumstances were extreme for me because I was paralyzed. My emotions probably ran deeper than they have before."

Atkinson took a bullet to the leg.

"Therapy three times a week," he said. "Getting better each day. (I'll) be back soon. I've got to get over this hurdle."

Their physical and emotional toll hits their family's also. 

"We feel honored they took time out to come visit with us and donate money to us," Kisselburg said. "Being out of work for such a long time puts a real financial strain on our families."

Capt. Cox of the Third Precinct said police put the event together to show the officers they're in it together, with them.

"It's never an easy job," he said. "It's tough. Law enforcement is a very dangerous job to have especially in the climate we live in today.

"For our officers that actually go out here every day and risk their lives. I think it's important that we as a community be here to support them."

Durham has been found incompetent to stand trial.