Community rallies for Michigan journalist arrested and held in Myanmar

On Friday night in Huntington Woods they are selling T-shirts that say "Free Fenster" for an international cause with Michigan roots.

The shirts are for Danny Fenster, a journalist in Myanmar detained as he was boarding a plane on May 24th to Metro Detroit to visit his family. Fenster has spent the past three years working as an editor for Frontier Magazine in the southeast Asia county where he was arrested by Myanmar soldiers.

The shirts are emblazoned with 'Free Fenster Protect the Press.' The shirts were originally made for Danny Fenster's parents to wear during media interviews, but so many people inquired about them that Tim Downey and his family decided to print up a bunch and sell them.

"Danny was really excited to be there because they were just starting to get a taste of democracy, an open society, a free flow of information -  for a journalist that's a gold mine," said Bryan Fenster, his brother.

The plan is that when Danny is released, he will decide how the money raised will be spent.

"We wanted a physical showing of support for the Fenster family, I think that is part of why we did this, just to see everyone come out and support the family, it's awesome," said Jess Downey, a family friend.

Gail Linden was first in line to buy the shirts and altogether, she bought six.

"It's not enough, I wish I could do more," she said. "Helping raise money, bringing awareness. I can't truly believe this is something that is national. I am shocked when I talk to people in other parts of the country, they have no idea what is going on."

U.S. Rep. Andy Levin (D-Michigan) is one of many lawmakers working to get Danny released.

"We've checked this out, there was nothing wrong with what he was doing," Levin said. "He was doing something that is a necessary component of a democratic society of any good government which is having a free press telling the truth."

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