Community rallies for peace in remembrance of 6-month-old

A Detroit community is mourning the loss of one of it's youngest members. A 6-month-old baby girl was killed in a drive by shooting. Now, police want your help putting the man who pulled the trigger behind bars.

Dozens rallied at the First Baptist Institutional Church on Detroit's west side on Friday morning in memory of little Miracle Murray.

"As a dad, every time I hear these type of stories it moves me to tears because hurts to see our babies hurting. It hurts to see our community hurting," says Cory Chavis with the Detroit Community Clergy Alliance.

Miracle was among three babies playing outside a home on Winthrop last Saturday when police say an older model silver Saturn with three men inside drove up and opened fire. She died, and another 24-year-old man was also hit but survived.

On Thursday, police released a sketch of the suspect they believe pulled the trigger that took little Miracle's life.

"You are viewed as public enemy number one in our community. You have a responsibility to turn yourself in," one concerned community member told FOX 2's Robin Murdoch.

Police are now investigating whether this latest shooting could be connected to another one on Easter Sunday morning that killed three year old Anaiya Montgomery as she slept next to her mother.

Miracle's family says they have been receiving death threats and fear her murder is in retaliation.

Whatever the reason, those rallying for peace hope this effort will provide peace to the families involved and make others think twice about picking up a gun and using it.

"She didn't do nothing to nobody; she never got the chance to live her life," says one family member. "She didn't even get to see her first birthday."

The suspect is 24 years old and has hazel eyes. Police do consider him armed and dangerous, so if you think you recognize him you're asked to give police a call right away and to not approach the man.