Company eyeing Silverdome in potential new Pontiac development

From Detroit Lions and Pistons to concerts and WrestleMania, the history of the Pontiac Silverdome is a storied one. 

Despite sitting empty since 2006 and being demolished in 2018, that history may be starting a new chapter. Atlanta-based developer Seefried Industrial Properties is looking to work the land. 

"They are the industrial developer and they have handled a lot of projects, some big-name companies and some companies that would be great for any cities to have," said Pontiac Mayor Deidra Waterman.

Now what that development will look like is unclear. Seefried has built Amazon distribution centers and has worked with Mercedes Benz and Best Buy in the past. Waterman can't say, mainly due to a nondisclosure agreement. 

But what is clear is the financial benefits for the city.

"Abosolutely, and I hope they buy it for quite a bit of money cause we will collect assessments and property taxes," said Waterman.

The purchase price could be $30 million. And as for a tax incentive ask from the company? More good news.

"I haven't been asked for any tax incentives which makes it sweeter for the city," said Waterman.

But it's not just city officials pleased with the interest. Residents like what they see as well.

"By them coming here it might make us closer to Detroit and we can get more with Detroit and more revenue," said Charlotte Richardson, a resident of the city.

A public meeting will be held to discuss next steps in the property development on Sept. 18 in Pontiac.