Conflicting evidence in Detroit appliance store shooting

Javon Dabney is charged with armed robbery and conspiracy to commit murder after a Dec. 5 shooting at an appliance store.

So if he's charged with the shooting, why does the video show a white guy pulling the trigger?

Dabney had returned to the appliance store after discovering the stove he purchased didn't work. He was out of luck, however, when he returned for a refund to discover the store didn't accept returns. An argument between Dabney and the employees ensued.

Dabney left, then 30 minutes later, a man in a red sweatshirt returned and open fired in the store. 

In a video showing the shooter confronting a store employee, part of his hand shows he's a white male. 

Because Dabney is charged with conspiracy to commit murder, the prosecution is saying there is a connection between him and the shooter.

The judge has given the prosecution until the end of the month to come up with a theory.

He'll make a decison Feb. 4.