Congresswoman Debbie Dingell provides a statement on "Let It Rip" clip

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell asks for an opportunity to address the community she serves on Sunday morning.

A clip from FOX 2's "Let It Rip" segment is circulating on social media. In the clip, Dingell condemns horrific war crimes being reported in the Middle East.

She's received much backlash for this all weekend with many demanding she needs more evidence of what is happening.

Dingell did address this further in our program and provided a statement Sunday morning:

"Representative Dingell used information provided by the administration and multiple independent sources to condemn violence against children in both Israel and Gaza. We will continue to remain vigilant about information we share. Representative Dingell is deeply concerned about the safety of and committed to the protection of innocent civilians who will be caught in the crossfire. She is devastated by the images coming out of the region and is troubled by the discourse that further promotes division and hate and too often dehumanizes those who need help the most."