Contractors donate ramp to homebound double amputee

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Up until now, Diane Henderson has been a prisoner inside of her home for hundreds of days.

The last time she says she was outside was about a year and a half ago -- the day she came to the house. 

She is a double amputee, cooped up inside an Ecorse home forced to miss out on family gatherings.

Dan Villarreal, the owner of Areli contracting saw Mrs. Henderson's plea on FOX 2 last month. It hit home because his dad was in a similar situation years ago.

"I know what it is like as a family member, to feel helpless watching what he went through," Villarreal said. "So as soon as I saw the story I called right away to Mrs. Henderson here and said we would volunteer our services."

He assembled his team and got to work building a wheelchair ramp that would have cost the family about $7,000.

"Pay it forward he said, give back to your community," Villarreal said.

Constructing these ramps have become a labor of love for him and his team. Their goal for 2018 is to build 15 for people in need. 

"It ties the memory to my dad, every single time when we help someone get out like her," he said. "And it is just a really warm feeling inside."

When Mrs. Henderson came out Tuesday, so did the sun - something she's been missing. She's ready for summer on the porch, backyard BBQ's and being with her daughter. The simple things.

An act of kind of kindness from a man just paying it forward that literally opens the door to a new life for a woman he didn't even know. 

"The Lord will bless them," she said.