Contractors help disabled Clinton Township woman

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It was an answer to a call for help, when Tami Koprowski shared her story on Fox 2 last December.

“I believe in miracles and the power of prayer,” Koprowski said. 

A prayer for something, anything to help her get around and be mobile after having both of her lower legs amputated and also her right hand and most of her left.

It happened nearly six years ago after an infection in her intestines went septic, putting her in a coma for several weeks and causing gangrene. 

But two months after Tami's plea for help aired on Fox 2, P.C. Contractor Ray Safadi and his crew went to Tami's Clinton Township condo to answer that call.

“We're installing a handrail system so she can actually walk to the garage to get in trucks and cars as she needs to for her care,” Safadi said.  

Safadi also called on the Home Depot in Harper Woods to help him help Tami.

“As soon as he brought this up I knew this was something we had to make happen,” David Ross said. “We put together the supplies that he needed for the project and made sure everything got here on time.” 

As Safadi's crew works to finish up this project he hopes it will inspire others to do good in their communities.

“Remember the less fortunate always help anyone and everyone around you,” he said. 

Tami is thankful that Safadi heard her story and could provide the help she needed, but she won't get to see the finished project until she arrives back in town.

Safadi hopes the railing will help transform her life.
“When she comes back I hope this makes her day and makes her commute easier and lets her get out of the house more often,” he said. 

Those looking to send donations for Tamara Kaprowski those can be made in her name but sent to: Keller Williams 31525 23 Mile Road, Chesterfield Twp, MI 48047