Controversial flier causes outrage in Southfield

A single piece of paper with a powerful message of hate.

Tamiko Denson grew up in Southfield and her mom still lives in the city but recently the place she's called home for many years has seemed a little less inviting.

A flier found Friday with the saying "let's get the blacks out of Southfield in November" has those the community in an uproar. The flier is apparently being distributed in neighborhoods around Southfield by an anonymous source.

Denson says she wants to know what the real intent of the flier is. Trayvon Martin is featured in the flier as well. "This to me says he needed to be killed and that's someone's child and it's being used in this message."

Attached to the message are pictures of white candidates running for office.  We were able to get in touch with Kenson Siver, a candidate for mayor whose picture is on the flyer.

Kenson says no one on flyer supports the message of hate. In fact he said they are saddened and insulted by the flyer and goes against the diversity that makes the city of Southfield great.

He adds it's likely an unfortunate product of dirty politics.

Denson says it goes well beyond politics for her mom who was on the front lines of the civil rights movement so many years ago and now finds herself in some uncomfortable surroundings right out her front door. "She experienced getting hosed down and decades later you would think it would be better, we are going back."

Everyone we spoke with is hopeful the person behind the flyers is stopped before the problem escalates.