Convicted killer accused of arson for hire plot while in jail

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George Rider was the getaway driver on a January morning in Warren when a woman hired a hitman to kill her ex's new girlfriend. 

In July, a Macomb County Jury found the hitman, the mastermind-- and Rider--all guilty of first-degree murder. They were all sentenced to life in prison without parole. 

While George Rider was waiting for his first degree murder trial- he needed to raise money for his attorney fees.

Now, according to a federal criminal complaint, Rider told a fellow inmate - now the feds' confidential source-- that Rider could raise the money by setting homes on fire.

And Rider said he knew what he was doing. Documents show that he bragged about committing 100 arsons.   It just so happens that the source had a house worth $1 million in Macomb County. Since it is insured, Rider thought he could make $2 million by setting it on fire.  But Rider would need his brother to help. 

Rider wrote some letters to his "bro" saying that his brother had to "paint" the house, which investigators say was code for burning it. 

Needless to say, the plot was stopped by investigators and now Rider's bother Larry was also charged as well as a third person. They are now looking at serious federal crimes in this arson-for-hire scheme.