Corewell Health says parents should take extra steps to keep babies and toddlers safe during tripledemic

Health experts are issuing an alert about the ongoing tripledemic after a new study shows that babies and toddlers who have multiple infections are more likely to have a severe illness.

The study, conducted by Corewell Health East, was 18 months long and focused on pediatric patients. It revealed new findings about the effects of different COVID-19 variants.

"What we're seeing today in our environment, there are heavy surges of influenza and RSV as well as Covid, the likelihood of having those co-infections would be increased," said researcher Dr. Amit Bahl. 

They also studied what happens when a child is simultaneously infected with more than one respiratory virus.

"The Omicron variant is definitely much more infectious, much more transmissible, way more efficient that the alpha variant. It is causing severe disease in some patients, some pediatric patients," Dr. Bahl said.

Researchers are urging parents to be particularly vigilant about keeping their children safe from COVID-19, the flu, and RSV.

"If you were to develop an infection with both influenza and let’s say Covid-19, you’re at higher risk for severe outcomes compared to the child that just develops Covid," Dr. Bahl said.

The worst fo the pandemic may be behind most Americans, getting sick is a real concern.

"Now that we all see these viruses floating around, and co-infection might be more likely, are we putting our children at greater risk when they are developing Covid?" Dr. Bahl said.