Costco launches pre-packaged cheese flight that comes with handy wine pairing suggestions

Going to Costco is always an adventure, especially with the endless free samples and unexpected finds, like the new Kirkland signature cheese flights, which come with handy wine-pairing suggestions for budding sommeliers.

The best part? It only costs $20.



This cheese-lover’s delight was first spotted by @costcodeals, the unofficial, but dedicated, fan-run Costco-themed Instagram account.

The cheese flight includes five different kinds of cheese: Yellow Door Creamery’s Monteau alpine, Jasper Hill Farm’s cabot clothbound cheddar, El Pastor’s Spanish red wine-soaked goat cheese, Torero Matador’s 12-month-aged manchego and Yellow Door Creamery’s dijon herb, hand-rubbed fontina.

The cheese flight is a 1.8-pound package of cheesy goodness, perfect for wine-tasting parties or your homemade charcuterie platter.

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The package even suggests specific wine and beer pairings for optimal flavor for your taste buds. May Costco suggest a pinot noir with the Monteau alpine? Or perhaps you would prefer your Spanish red wine-soaked goat cheese with some Belgian ale?

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Of course, you are free to experiment with these cheese flights and the drink of your choice. But if you aren’t too familiar with the world of exquisite food and drink pairings, this Kirkland package is a great starting point.