Could Tea partiers and Dems be coming together on corporate tax hike?

Are you sitting down? A wing of the Michigan TEA Party movement is fixing to reach out to House Democrats in Lansing to hike the Corporate Income Tax. Now are you on the floor?

In what could turn out to give a grand new meaning to the phrase, "strange political bedfellows," a source that does not want to be identified, reports a reach out is in the works to do just that.

Turns out this band of TEA Party malcontents is none too happy that the House Republicans are reaching across the aisle to solicit Democratic support for a fuel tax hike and a vehicle registration fee boost. These middle class folks apparently don't want to carry the burden of paying for those tax hikes and would be more comfortable pawning that off on the corporate business community instead.

As you know the House Ds would love to sock-it-to the deep pockets in the corporate world by hiking the CIT from 6 percent to 9 percent. Only problem is there aren't enough Democrats to pass it.

Help from the TEA Party, theoretically, could move the ball closer to the required 55 votes. Let's be clear there are no guarantees that TEA Party lawmakers will sign-off once this movement is made public and that could be anytime soon.

This source, with a chuckle, concedes they don't have any working relationships with many Democrats but the first outreach will go to House Democratic leader Rep. Tim Greimel who himself may be on the floor once this overture reaches his ears.

He's got 45 votes so if he picked-up 10 T.P.'s, bingo.

Of course this may all amount to fanciful and wishful thinking but one gets the sense that some of the TEA Party rank and file are angry enough to want to send a message and what a message it would be for them to link with the D's in an act of political back scratching, the likes of which this town has never seen before.