Crime Stoppers: Ozie Terrell and Jermaine Williams

Two men were shot and killed on a Thursday night in October 2019, and their families are looking for answers.

Friends Ozie Terrell and Jermaine Williams were hanging with  3 other people at Terrell's house on Fenmore near 8 mile and Southfield Road when two people entered the side door and started firing shots.

Janice Brinkley Terrell’s sister says, "They went through the side door, but my brother never left that side door open."

Both victims' family says between the two friends; there are ten children left behind without a father.

"They are coping with it the best way they can, but of course, it's their father, you know.  They are used to him being in their lives and, he is not there anymore," says Clarissa Gray, Williams' Niece

Police said the suspects got away in a new model dodge charger with black rims and tinted windows.

If anyone has information about this crime, they are encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers at 1800-SPEAK UP. You will always remain anonymous.