Family of 17-year-old killed in 2006 hoping witnesses near shooting speak up

There was no standing room at Nathaniel Oden Jr.'s funeral after he died. His mom said the entire community loved him.

"Not only was my family affected by this tragic loss, but the community was affected," said Ruth Oden.

Nathaniel died in late 2006 after he was caught in the crossfire at a gas station near I-375 and Jefferson.

Since then, his family has been left without closure because the shooter remains on the loose. That, despite witnesses seeing both the violence and the suspect.

"They actually did see this person with a gun shooting at someone who was running through the crowd and no one spoke up, no one decided to speak up," said Ruth.

That includes another victim of the violence on Nov. 26, 2006. However, they declined to testify. 

"So I just need someone who would just remember the slightest detail about that night, just to call Crime Stoppers," she said.

Oden was out that night with a couple of friends pumping gas when he was shot. A graduate of Redford High School, he was 17 years old.