Crisis group reaches out to parents of Larry Nassar victims

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The victims of convicted sexual predator Larry Nassar number in the hundreds.

The world witnessed during the sentencing portion of his trial when a father, Randall Margraves, lost control in court - showing how most of the parents of survivors are also in need of some healing too.

"It is a group that can use the kind of help that Common Ground provides," said Jeff Kapuscinski, Common Ground.

It was just a few weeks ago that one parent of a Nassar survivor came to common ground, a crisis management center that deals with this on a daily basis. Common Ground has been around for the past 46 years. While the Larry Nassar case is unique in the scope and number of victims, they have the experience to offer the treatment.

"We deal with people in crisis from homelessness, mental health, drug abuse. those types of things," said Kapuscinski.

One parent was looking to help people in her position who could feel tremendous guilt, anger, sadness and other emotions that come with a crime of this scope. 

"Common ground does a lot of these support groups in the community and usually with really good results," said Kapuscinski.

The program that they created, will run for eight weeks and is highly structured. 

"The sessions will begin on May 7, which is a Monday," he said. "And we will go from there. There are more sessions that are planned, more groups that are pulled together, will really depend on how many people are willing to participate."

Common Ground estimates that 265 victims were assaulted by Nassar and each of their parents are eligible to participate. Simply reach out to