Crowd prays at Spirit of Detroit statue following week of violence

A crowd assembled in front of the Spirit of Detroit monument Saturday, praying for for all of those killed during during this past week of violence.

Detroit police Chief James Craig tried to help makes some sense out of the chaos.

"The vast majority of police officers come to work and they get it right," he said. "There's always that fraction of a percent that get it wrong, and I've often times said you cannot and should not paint an entire profession as being corrupt, involving excessive force because of the actions of a few."

Some of the people who came said they wanted to do something -- and didn't quite frankly know what to do -- but they felt it was best to gather with others who may be feeling the same way.

"We (are) here today to stand in total solidarity with our country and really truth, and really respect for life," said Pastor Mo Hardick of the Body of Believers Outreach Ministry.

Many said they're concerned with racial tensions in the neighborhoods and on the streets across the U.S.