Cryospa Detroit a cool way to re-charge and recover

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Your workout can be tough and recovery often harder but there is a solution - Cryotechnology.

Cryospa Detroit is the starting point for our journey and the guide is former longtime Detroit Lion Dominic Raiola.  

"I was never a fan of ice baths but I knew how good they were for you," he said. "But this does a little more."

Of course FOX 2 had to try this out - first up was an icy facial.

"Facial cryotherapy is only a six-minute process," said Alyssa Antosh, marketing manager, Cryospa Detroit. "It helps boost the collagen, reduces wrinkles, helps with acne scars and prevents acne as well."

Then it was time to test the cryochamber.

"For what it did for me, it burned calories, inflammation went down, tissues were healing, my metabolism went up, my sleep rate at night," Raiola said. "This is the best way for recovery I feel."

The cryochamber treatment lasts about two minutes - and it gets very cold.

"I feel a little like a human popsicle," said FOX 2's Jennifer Hammond.

Watch the video to see how the FOX 2 sports crew fared.

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