Curtsy Challenge is new fundraiser for front lines that also shows sign of respect, thanks

"Hey guys - this is Tyler from the corner studio - I'm here with my wonderful girlfriend Samantha who just finished her night shift at Henry Ford Hospital and we want to start the video off, by saying thank you to all the healthcare workers on the front lines."

And so began the Curtsy Challenge - part workout - part fundraiser - benefitting the front lines.

"We're going to be performing 10 curtsy lunges as a bow - an expression of gratitude to all of the healthcare workers," said Tyler Vivian.

Vivian is a trainer at The Corner Studio in Grosse Pointe Woods.  They've been posting workout videos during the quarantine but this one is a little different.

"The curtsy is kind of like a bow - it is like a show of respect to everyone at the front lines," he said.

People like his girlfriend, Samantha Monzo - a nurse, people like Richard Shroeder - a nurse anesthetist for 40 years.

"It's nice to give back to his friends and other people who are out here, working hard for us trying to keep us safe," said Kevin Schroeder.

Schroeder is Richard's son - and co-owner of Rhythm and Blue Juice in Grosse Pointe. They are partnering with The Corner Studio to get these healthy drinks to our heroes on the front lines.

"This is like - how do we keep everyone healthy and that's really getting that nutrition in - all the time," said Rachel Frevik owner, Rhythm and Blue Juice.

And this is how:  You post a video of your 10 curtsy lunges on Instagram and tag The Corner Studio - your frontline heroes and challenge three friends to do it, too.

For each video - $10 will be donated to Rhythm and Blue to send two bottles of juice to hospitals on the east side.

"You know, I'm just really hoping the people will get behind it, get excited, share it with their friends, challenge their friends and the sky's the limit," said Nancy Cotton, owner of the Corner Studio

Nancy Cotton owns The Corner Studio. She says their last challenge to benefit Detroit EMS had more than a 130 videos and raised more than $1,300.

"We want to keep providing for these doctors and these nurses, and just keep this going as long as we can," said Schroeder.

The challenge runs through 6 p.m. Friday - so lean into that lunge - and post your curtsy - a bow to the healthcare workers fighting COVID-19.

"It kind of shows frontline workers and everyone that we're behind them - we support them," said Aimee Shortz, The Corner Studio. "Because it doesn't always feel that way - so I think that's super special." 

To learn more about Rhythm and Blue Juice CLICK HERE. Also, follow The Corner Studio on Instagram @thecornerstudiogp