Custard crook arrested in Trenton after running off with cash registers

A watchful neighbor was able to help police catch a suspect after an ice cream stand had been robbed. 

The suspect stole two cash registers from Custard Corner in Trenton -- but he didn't get far, and he left behind quite a mess. That's because he tried to serve himself some ice cream before he went after the cash registers. 

But owner Nicole Gall says there wasn't any cash in the registers -- and the ice cream machines were in the middle of a cleaning, too. Hence, the mess. 

"In fact, we had water inside the machines to be cleaned out, so when he tried to pull a chocolate shake all he got was a mess," she says. 

Gall says the suspect broke a side window to get inside last Saturday night. 

A neighbor heard the commotion. He had his wife call police -- and then decided to run after the suspect. 

"He screamed, 'Hey!' or something, and that's when the guy dropped the register in the intersection and started jogging toward the park. When the guy came back for the second register that's when the police saw him and chased him down," Gall explains. 

Police warned the guy, who had been drinking, they would taser him if he didn't stop. They kept their word, placing him under arrest

"His mom stopped by a couple days after and she said they used to come there when he was a kid. I don't know if he's come recently, but I imagine he's familiar. Maybe he liked it?" Gall says. 

She's just glad her neighbor was alert, and that the smiling suspect was caught. He's been identified as Elias Caballero. 

"I hope that can make things right, both for us and for himself. I don't want him to do it anymore," Gall says. 

As for that neighbor, he didn't want credit or to be identified. But he did tell us he just did what he hoped anyone would do if they witnessed a crime like this in progress. 

We're told the suspect did about $1,000 worth of damages.