Customer leaves $200 tip for Wyandotte frozen custard stand

Its story that would warm anyone's heart, but that would melt the ice cream.

On Monday, a downriver ice cream shop was entertained to a tale of generosity so endearing it made the news cycle.

Bob-Jo's Frozen Custard is a Wyandotte staple and has been waiting for a story as nice as this since 1947, when they opened. Accompanying each sale at the shop is your stereotypical jar that sits unassumingly with the word "TIP" emblazoned across its surface.

"Every once in a while someone will put a five dollar tip in or maybe a ten - and that's remarkable," said Delores Ricchiuti, manager of the frozen custard stand.

In a fitting ending to summer vacation, on a rainy start to the week, not many customers were ordering from the stand. And then someone did.

 "A gentleman came up and said 'you know, I noticed you don't have much tip money in your jar,' and he said 'how many girls you got back there' and they said four and he pulled out $50 each for them -  $200 in that tip jar for them," said Delores.

Almost as unassuming as the tip jar, the customer wasn't a regular. Nobody at the establishment knew him - a sentiment that may carry all the more weight due to its anonymity. Just ask the other owner of the store for validation.

"Well, heartwarming, emotional, thankful for humanity and the girl's reaction is priceless," said Tony Ricchiuti. "The appreciation of all the customers, downriver and come from everywhere. We appreciate it."

If the gesture makes you smile, you should see the faces of girls receiving the money. They're the kind of looks that would make viewers smirk as well. Asked what he would say if the generous patron returned, the owner had nothing but praise.

"Thank you, the girls appreciate it, we appreciate it especially on a rainy day when there was nobody here," said Tony.  "As you can see on their faces it lit everybody up - me included when I watch the tape."