Customers and employees foil robbery at Shelby Township coney island

A normally easy Sunday morning for Lisa Moss and her coworkers at National Coney Island, took a quick turn.

“He told me he had a gun, and said he wanted the money out of the register," said employee Lisa Moss.

"I was standing behind her. She like scooted back a little more and she’s like, ‘well alright, calm we've got this’. I’m like, we don't even have a drawer up here. We don't have keys we don't have any money up here. It’s all in the back," said employee Jenn Trainor.

"A lot goes through your mind," said Moss.

After their encounter, Moss rushed to the back to call 911.

“He was just pacing back-and-forth across the counter saying ‘I need money, I need money, my daughter is going to die she's in the hospital,’" said Trainor.

While the robber was waiting, he hopped over the counter and tried to steal two purses instead.

“He's like I need money, and I'm like I need my purse. Then I'll give you money,” Trainor said.  “So I grabbed one, and then he handed me the second, like no big deal."

That's when two managers stepped in, and forced the man out.

“It happened so fast, everybody the customers the employees, everybody kind of jumped into action right away,” said manager Joe Kull.

The two men, with help of a customer, wrestled the man to the ground and waited for police. Officers found a large knife in the suspect’s pocket.

"Everybody's back to work everybody's happy,” said Kull. “No one got hurt, and it's business as usual."

“It's sad to me that people are that desperate,” said Moss. “But I'm just glad no one got hurt.”