Customers return for indoor dining with pandemic restrictions still ongoing

It’s been 75 days since customers were allowed to order their meal and eat it at the same place. But now, that day has come and servers and customers couldn’t be happier. 

A cold Monday in February kept the crowds down for the most part - but those who ventured out did so with a purpose. 

"My friend is here from out of town, so we are going to try restaurants indoors and outdoors whichever is open," said diner Milly Gordon.

Restricted indoor dining is once again allowed. Restaurants are limited to 25 percent capacity. Seating is kept to six people or less and tables are spaced out to allow for social distancing. 

"It’s a good starting point. if we can continue to stay by guidelines it’s just going to open up more," said diner Jacob Karl.

At Mexican Town restaurant in Detroit, the past few months have been a struggle. 

"A lot of employees left. because people get tired of waiting and bills come."

Phone orders for carryout has kept them afloat. 

"We are happy all the locals and regulars come in and keep the business running we are thankful for them."

So this day, when customers can stay for a bit.. is a welcome sight. 

"Even tonight I have seen a lot of familiar faces. people were waiting and calling all weekend."

"Waitresses and waiters all of these people have been out of work for quite some time so getting them back to work is good," said diner Brendan.

The order which allows indoor dining also specifies a 10 pm curfew, which has been met with mixed reviews.

While the streets in Royal Oak and Detroit have been crowded tonight this is all about easing back into normal - and its certainly one place to start. 

Keep in mind that there might be longer than usual wait times to dine-in at certain restaurants due to the reduced capacity rule as well as be prepared to leave your information for contact tracing.