Dad of child who shot self with his gun is convicted felon; weapon stolen

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Detroit father faced a judge Thursday after his 3-year-old son accidentally shot himself.

Records show that the dad, Melvin Cline III, is a convicted felon which means he can't legally own a gun in the first place.

The young boy remains in critical condition after finding his father's gun and accidentally shooting himself in the stomach. His father in court today facing child abuse and weapons charges.

Cline appeared on video for his arraignment Thursday when it came out that the gun his toddler found, was stolen.

"This defendant has multiple prior felony convictions as the court knows," said Carin Goldfarb, prosecuting attorney, "And has violated his probation on several occasions."

Goldfarb referenced Cline's lengthy criminal record. He's been in and out of jail for home invasion, drug and weapons charges.

FOX 2 shot video of Cline getting arrested outside of Children's Hospital Tuesday…while inside doctors were working hard to keep his son alive.

"We wanted to notify the court to know that the child is in extremely critical condition which means there could be further charges coming."

His son, 3-year-old Melvin Cline IV, was inside his home of Detroit's east side off Marcus Street Tuesday morning when he found the unsecured gun. 

When it happened, Cline ran several blocks with his son in his arms to an aunt's house to borrow her car to take the child to the hospital.

"It was chaotic because I didn't know what to think," said Loretta Ester, the victim's great aunt. "I couldn't function; I didn't get a chance to ask him questions because he was in a hurry to get the child to the hospital."

Melvin Juniors mother was detained and questioned by Detroit Police Detectives…but she's not facing any charges at this point.  

Cline could face more depending on the outcome of this tragedy.