Dad shows off his best ballet moves while dancing with daughter

One dad gave quite the big ballet performance alongside his 6-year-old daughter.

In an adorable video posted to Facebook on May 13, Abigail Witt can be seen dancing with her father Bryan to “Dance of the Little Swans” from the famed ballet “Swan Lake.” With the daughter wearing a pink tutu and the dad in basketball shorts, the Newport News, Va. pair shows bravery, gusto and poise as they execute some delightful dance moves.

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Kristen, Abby’s mom, said her daughter has been taking ballet classes via Zoom and expressed interest in doing a freestyle ballet.

“She wasn’t prepared and didn’t do a dance,” the mom and former competitive dancer told Storyful. “Afterward, she was very upset and anxious to have to perform it the next week.” 

The mom then offered to help choreograph a 45-second dance for her daughter to practice. After Bryan watched the performance enough times, he stepped in to perform the routine alongside his daughter to boost her spirits.

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“I videoed them because it was just so precious,”  Kristen told Storyful. “When I told my husband I was going to put it on Facebook, he gave me a look like ’don’t you dare.’ But, I did it anyway!” 

While Bryan may have been ambivalent about the video being shared on Facebook, the audience reaction to his and his daughter’s dance was nothing but enthusiastic.

“Daddy of the year right there!,” commented one Facebook user.

“I absolutely love everything about this!” wrote another. “Way to be an awesome dad, Bryan! Abby is one lucky little girl!”

Even though their partners may be physically distanced, dance is still bringing people across the country together amid the pandemic. In Nashville, one girl enjoyed daily, social-distanced “dance offs” with her grandfather. 

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