Dallas mother accused of poisoning child

A Dallas mother is charged with attempted capital murder for trying to kill her 4-year-old child with ant poison.

According to court documents, 31-year-old Paw Eh put ant poison on a spoon with water and then forced her youngest child to drink it Saturday at an apartment on Walnut Hill Lane.

The child's 7-year-old brother told investigators the 4-year-old did not want to drink it, but Eh slapped him and when he started crying she put the spoon in his mouth. The 7-year-old said "my mom wants to kill us with poison powder that kills ants and stuff."

The 12-year-old sister said she saw Eh open the poison and put a tablespoon into the container. She also told investigators that Eh told them earlier in the day she was going to kill them and herself. The girl said her mother tried to give her a cupful of poison, but she wouldn't go near it.

A witness called 911 and reported the incident. It is still unclear who that witness was.

The 4-year-old boy was taken to Medical City Hospital and placed in pediatric ICU. He was in stable condition Sunday night.

Eh is being held on a $500,000 bond.

Neighbors can only speculate about why she did it.

"My son, he say he felt sorry for his friend because they are in the same class," said Gaw Hserpaw. "The mother wouldn't do that if she was normal."

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