Damages and delays as severe thunderstorms rip through southeast Michigan

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Severe storms have been moving through southeast Michigan all day long, and our Fox 2 viewers have helped capture the magnitude of the storms that have ripped through metro Detroit Saturday afternoon. 

The storms so bad, even Belle Isle had to temporally evacuate and delay the Grand Prix for two hours. 

“We were in the front room when it came down my wife and I.”

It, is a massive tree, once in front of John McDaniel’s house on Ludlow Ave in Rochester, now it’s on top of it. 

“It shook the house pretty good, we just figured it was just one branch,” McDaniel said. 

But then, they looked out the front window and realized it was much more. 

“It went all the way across the other side of the house,” he said.

And to the house next door. 

John says he’s just thankful no one was hurt.

Fox 2: “Where are you guys going to stay tonight?”

“Well the insurance company is setting us up with a place to stay so we’re in good shape as far as that concerns and we have a lot of really wonderful neighbors,” McDaniel said.