Dash cam shows suspect lunge at officer before fatal shooting

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The final moments of a young man's life caught on police dash cam video in Royal Oak.

The video shows Cody Reynolds get on the ground, then jump up and lunge forward as an officer opens fire. Police says they were called to the neighborhood after that man stabbed his mother.

It is the second officer involved shooting in Royal Oak in the last month and is being investigated by the Oakland County Sheriff's Office. This one was caught on dash cam video released Royal by Oak police.

Video shows Reynolds, 20, on police dash cam video early Monday morning. Police responded to the 1000 block of Hoffman after getting a 911 call from Reynold's mom saying her son stabbed her and assaulted her husband.

According to Royal Oak police, when officers got there he was walking outside and they told him to stop - he then apparently fessed up to hurting his parents and started walking towards the officers.

They say he abruptly got on the ground - then came towards them again.

That's when a Royal Oak police officer fired his weapon, hitting Reynolds. They tried to save him, but he later died at the hospital. 

Reynolds parents were both taken to the hospital, their injuries considered not serious. 

"He did not have any weapons on him," said Chief Corrigan O’Donohue, Royal Oak police. "But to be fair there is no way the officer could have known that."

Back in April, Royal Oak police were involved in another deadly shooting. A man was shot and killed running from a traffic stop at White Castle. 

The officers involved in both shootings are on administrative leave per protocol. 

Reynolds was on felony probation for Operating While Intoxicated causing serious injury charge. His family is requesting privacy while they cope with the situation.
"What the Reynolds family has to deal with now is a tragic situation," O'Donohue said. "They're trying to make sense of it."