Daughter of woman killed in shooting at 7 Mile, Southfield waits for justice

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It's been three long years since Michelle Artist was shot and killed as she was driving on the Southfield freeway.

"I shouldn't be 18 about to graduate without my mother is tough," said the daughter of Michelle Artist, requesting anonymity.

With tears in her eyes. This now 18-year-old does not want you to see her face - or the pain in her eyes

This family has concerns because the person who fired those bullets into that vehicle killing her mom and a 28-year-old man is still out there and has not faced punishment for their crime.

"This is a situation we need help in," she said.

The tragic shooting happened April 9 on the freeway near Seven Mile. Michelle Artist and her passenger were shot while driving a white Ford Focus in what family members called at the time a case of mistaken identity. Relatives called Michelle a loving and devoted mother.

As the family deals with a three-year anniversary, this teen hopes someone who knows something will speak up and give police the information they need to solve her mother's murder.

"She was so excited to see me be in high school," the teen said.

Detroit police say they are still investigating this case and they want anyone who has information to contact Crime Stoppers at 1800 Speak Up

This teen admits life will never be the same for her without her mom, but she does find comfort in knowing that her mother would be proud of her and her achievements in school.

But right now this teen says her wish is to talk to her mother and if she could she would simply say:

"I love you."

Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP. You will remain anonymous.