Daughter's sexual abuse began at 14 by Warren dad who fathered her child

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Police revealed new disturbing details against a Warren man accused of fathering a child with his own daughter. 

"People like this are master manipulators," said Det. David Huffman, Warren police. "They can sit next to you, have a coffee and smile, have a decent conversation and you wouldn't know anything about it."

That's how police describe Gregory St. Andre, who's charged with three counts of incest and getting his daughter, who is now 20 years old, pregnant. And on Tuesday, more disturbing details emerged about St. Andre, 37, as police believe he began having sex with his daughter when she was only 14.

"She tried to appease him," Huffman said. "She would agree with him that she was his wife."

St. Andre's estranged wife and family was suspicious for years. They contacted Child Protective Services and police, but did not have proof. And his daughter was unwilling to discuss it - until January of 2018, a year after the young woman had given birth to a baby boy. The mother found text messages between St. Andre and his daughter.

"The daughter had the attention of another boy about her age and dad was not happy with it," Huffman said. "And he was saying things like, 'You can't kiss him, you're my wife.'"

Warren Police then got a search warrant for St. Andre's DNA. He denied all of it and accused his daughter of impregnating herself with his sperm.

"What he said was that, he was donating sperm to a lesbian couple out of Flint," Huffman said. "And that there were samples in the refrigerator."

Detective David Huffman says eventually St. Andre admitted he may have had sex with his daughter saying, "I can't believe I'm going to say this..." then telling police he woke up to his daughter in bed with him.

"At first he thought it was his wife, but there was a tattoo that wasn't there, and it was a confession of one time," Huffman said.

Police did not believe his story. Then DNA came back last month, confirming that St. Andre was indeed the baby's father. 

"She has a son, by the defendant," said Michelle Truszkowski, the victim's aunt. "What is she supposed to do."

The woman's mother told FOX 2 not only has St. Andre been contacting his traumatized daughter, but also calling her boyfriend and even sending him explicit photos of his own daughter.

St. Andre's bond increased Monday as the no-contact order remains and while police say there's no indication St. Andre has abused any of his other children, additional charges are likely in this case.