Day 2 of bomb threat hoaxes target courts, hospitals

For the second day, bomb threats caused a handful of Detroit area buildings to be put on lockdown or evacuated.

Among the locations were the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice and several hospitals who soon after, got the all clear on Friday.

"We were in the jury room deliberating and they came in and told us we need to evacuate," said Teri Sims.

Court business interrupted Friday at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice after a bomb threat was received

"We came out here, they just told us to go to Monroe Street," Sims said.

It's the second day that Frank Murphy and 36th District Court were the targets of bomb threats.
On Thursday the Guardian Building and Wayne County Treasury were also targeted

But Friday Detroit Children's Hospital of Michigan, Henry Ford Hospital and Harper Hospital were targeted by phone.

"With a voice, yesterday it was just emails so it could be a copycat," Detroit Police Chief James Craig said. "I am not absolutely certain."

Authorities said Thursday the bomb threats involved a demand for thousands in Bitcoin and appear to be part of a wave of bomb threats across the country that were a hoax. The FBI is working to find out who was behind it.

Chief Craig says on Friday those threats involved a demand for US currency, not Bitcoin, but the threat was comparable

"The threat of, if you don't pay X amount of dollars by a certain time, the building will blow up," Craig said.

Police say they take these incidents seriously and investigate everyone.

"If we find out who it is, they will be held accountable," Craig said.