DDR rescue group helps young pit bull who was dragged by car

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Tuesday night Detroit Dog Rescue made an emergency run to Oakland Veterinary Services. A young pit bull mix was about to lose her legs. The bones were exposed, likely from being dragged behind a car in yet another case of animal cruelty.

“This wasn’t something where the dog was just hit and run over. There are no internal injuries or anything that can corroborate that story. That’s what I thought when I first saw the dog. The medical team here says no – that’s not what happened,” said Kristina Rinaldi, Executive Director of Detroit Dog Rescue.

Detroit Dog Rescue’s Kristina Rinaldi picked up “Jingles” from Detroit Animal Care and Control last Tuesday night.

They said a police officer brought her in after she was found at Boulder and Rossini on Detroit’s east side. She’s facing a long road to recovery.

“Unfortunately one leg is completely mangled – just been skinned up and down. That leg is going to have to be removed,” said Rinaldi.

The other leg is also in bad shape, but doctors think they can save it.

“We think that we can restructure that leg so she will do very well on three legs as long as surgery goes well.”

Rinaldi also brought in another dog Tuesday night. “Tunes” had been attacked by other dogs and was covered in maggots. His wounds were too infected and he couldn’t be saved.

“Jingles” is a different story.

“We’re pretty sure she’s going to make it. A lot depends on the x-rays today, but more importantly we want to find out who did this.”

Just a couple of weeks ago, another dog was forced to run behind a bike then beaten when she collapsed.

“Penelope” went from near death to a playful pup ready to be adopted. Detroit Dog Rescue hopes the same will happen for Jingles.

“We are seeing a lot of dog abuse and we want to hold responsible whoever did this to her. This isn’t fair.”

“Jingles’” surgeries and recovery will cost up to $10,000. If you would like to donate or offer information of who did this to her, go to the Detroit Dog Rescue website by clicking here