Dead woman found inside disabled vehicle on Gratiot and I-94, driver arrested

A homicide investigation is underway in Roseville after a person was found dead in the passenger seat of a car.

Roseville police say it was around 11:15 Monday night that an officer came upon a disabled vehicle at Gratiot and I-94.  Inside, investigators discovered the body of 45 year old woman from Warren.

Behind the wheel was a 42-year-old man from Highland Park, who was immediately placed in police custody.

Police say there is evidence the victim was assaulted with injuries to the head and face.

The theory investigators are working with is the suspect killed the victim in a separate location and then put her in the vehicle until they were discovered by police.

FOX 2 spoke with the Macomb County Prosecutor Pete Lucido who said he is aware of the investigation but the case hasn’t been handed over to his office from Roseville PD.

Police are not commenting further at this time.