Deadline for FEMA flood assistance is Sept. 13; here's what you need to know

This summer Theresa Martin has suffered three floods in her basement.

"I feel like this: every time it is raining, I’m in hell," said Theresa Martin. "It has been rough."  

Rough and expensive.

"Whew, maybe $20,000 because the basement was fixed up and furnished," she said.  

It started with those June rains, leading to arguably the worst and most widespread so far.  

"Everybody is in the same boat," she said.  

Quite literally. Everyone on her block and the next one floods in the area of Warwick Street near Joy Road. 
"I’m handicapped so I always have to have family members come over and do stuff for me," she said.  

She’s not sure where to place blame – but it’s not about the money she says. She just wants to not worry about it anymore.   

"What I really want from the water company is to get their butts out here and fix whatever is going on with this water (flooding)," she said. 

All of the cost has come out of her pocket. Theresa has applied with FEMA but hasn’t gotten any money yet, like so many others in this city. All she can do is wait.  
"Time is running out," said La-Tanga Hopes, FEMA.  

FEMA says if you suffered from the flooding on June 25th and 26th, the deadline to apply for aid ends Sept. 13th, in less than two weeks.  

"Should you find yourself denied from FEMA, you should always go through the process of filing an appeal," Hopes said.  

Since FEMA reps have been in town for two months, they are making a dent.  

"We have provided over $107 million in grants – that’s money that doesn't need to be paid back," Hopes said. 

FEMA also offers free legal advice if you’re battling with insurance companies over flood damage.

To contact FEMA, call 1-800-621-3362 or go online to 

To learn more about FEMA help, go HERE