Deaf man turns tables on crook who tried to steal phone, snapping pics of him

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Police in Clinton Township are looking for a man accused of stealing from a deaf person in a Walmart parking lot.

One week ago, police say the man was working with two other women. Those ladies approached the victim with a story about collecting for a charity. 

According to police, the victim tried to explain using the Notes app that he didn't have any money.

As he typed the message, the man then snatched the phone right out of his hand and took off. Police say the suspect and the two women got into a black car. But the victim refused to let them get away. 

He gave chase and actually jumped on the hood of the car in order to stop them. And according to police it worked - they didn't want to make a scene. 

The women urged the man to give the victim the stolen phone, and he did. With the phone in hand, the victim helped his cause and took some photos. Now the search is on. 

News of this crime sparked quite a reaction in the Walmart parking lot. 

"The fact that he did this to a deaf guy, I have no words," one customer said. "People have no shame now days."

"If he would take from a deaf person," another man said. "He would probably steal from anybody."

The response was echoed after Clinton Township police posted the suspect's picture on Facebook. 

One person asked, "Anyone know the man? I would like to buy him a new phone."

While police and others are thankful for that gesture, the victim made sure he won't need a new phone. He just a wants to warn others and help catch these alleged criminals before they try something like this again.