Dealers, business owners targeted in heroin crackdown by FBI, police

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A heroin crackdown in Detroit Tuesday with federal agents and local police raiding several spots along Woodward Avenue. 

They netted narcotics, firearms and a dozen arrests. The joint operation was sparked by a recent uptick in heroin sales and drug deaths all over metro Detroit.

"We are not going to back off," said Police Chief James Craig. "The message is clear: Not here."

Police in Oakland county and Detroit along with the FBI, and Michigan State Police are working together to bring down drug dealers in Detroit. 

"It's when we share our resources and share our intelligence is when we get results like this," said Major Robert Smith of the Oakland County Sheriff's Office. "This was a good day for all of us."

Their target was about one dozen locations and dealers along Woodward Avenue between McNichols and Eight Mile. The drugs found: Heroine, cocaine, and marijuana. The distribution was not just in Detroit.

"That should not be sold in the city of Detroit or anywhere," said Cmdr. John Thomas Detroit police.

Police Issued nine federal and 12 state search warrants, cops confiscated nine guns along with drugs and made 12 arrests after neighbors told cops where to show up.

"Our community does talk," Craig said. "Because they realize we are in this together."

Police say they're also targeting gas stations. During the sweep they discovered drug paraphernalia at a Sunoco on John R and Eight Mile, boldly selling what is known as a "set up" featuring a bag and syringe for about $5. Police took about 150 of these.

"We're going to have a collaborative effort," Craig said. "Hitting these problematic gas stations. We will not tolerate it."

While gas stations seem to be the common locations and heroin the recent drug of choice, police say their focus on each has not just started and will not stop.
"One Detroit, one response," Craig said. "We're going to run you out of the city of Detroit."