Dearborn couple charged in shooting of toddlers at unlicensed held for 6 felonies each

The homeowners where a toddler found a gun and shot two other toddlers were arraigned on more than a dozen child abuse and firearm felonies on Thursday as the two children shot continue the difficult recovery.

Timothy and Samantha Eubanks each face six counts of child abuse charges. Police say they're the ones who should be held responsible for a child getting his hands on a loaded gun and shooting two other children under their watch.

Vincent Toussant, the attorney representing the couple, said Timothy won't have contact with the children involved.

Judge Gene Hunt said the toddler could not only find the gun, he knew how to use it.

"The fact that a minor, a toddler could pick up a gun and without getting too far into this. That toddler apparently knew how to fire that weapon is very troubling for me," Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad said. 

The Eubanks couple made their first court appearance for the September shooting. One of their three-year-old sons found a gun in the family home and pulled the trigger, htiting two other small children in the head and the other in the shoulder. Haddad said the injured children will need medical help for a long time.

20 charges filed for Dearborn couple in illegal daycare shooting of toddlers

"This remains a complete tragedy for our entire community," he said. "They will have long term care required. I've been told they are both at home at this time."

The Eubanks family is accused of running an unlicensed daycare from their home. and would watch children for friends and family during the day.

"The tragedy although not intentional was a result of wreckless disregard for the safety of children," Judge Gene Hunt said.

Multiple guns found at Dearborn in-home daycare where toddler shot two children

In court, a detective told the judge that Samantha and Timothy have been cooperating since day one and don't have any criminal history. They also mentioned the strong family support as livelong members of the Dearborn community. 

Taking that into account, Judge hunt issued a bond of 10 percent of $20,000 and both were then escorted to jail. 

Family members in court did not want to speak on camera. They said they were too traumatized by what happened.

The Eubanks' are due back in court on November 8. The conditions of the bond require the two to turn in all pasports, have no weapons, no unsupervised contact with any non-biological children, no contact with any of the victims or their families, and no travel outside of Michigan.